Cocktails Menu

Lavender Fields *Local favorite
Spring 44 Gin, St. Germaine, Lavender Simple, Lime

Whiskey Sour
Breckenridge Bourbon, Lemon, Egg White, Simple

Hotty Toddy
Fireside Whiskey, Honey, Cinnamon, Fresh Lemon, Heat

Hand Warmer
Vodka, Telluride Handwarmer Peppermint Schnapps, Hot Chocolate, Mallows

Giddy Up
Mythology Coffee Liqueur, Marble Moonlight Expresso, Elevate Vodka, Smoked Orange Bitters

Lavender Gin Fizz
Spring 44 Gin, Lemon, Lavender Simple, Egg White, Cream

Steamboat Spritz
Longtucky Amaro, Simple, Orange, Prosecco

Mango Jalapeno Marg
Jalapeno Infused Tequila, Family Jones Triple Sec, Mango Simple, Lime

The Barley Marg
Suerte Blanco, Agave, Fresh Lime

The Nate Bird
Jalapeno Anejo Tequila, Ginger-Lemongrass-Lime Simple, Family Jones Triple Sec, Ginger-Paprica-Rim

Colorado Mule
Elevate Vodka, Fresh Lime, Kure’s Organic Ginger Beer

Unsteady Yeti
Montanya Platino Rum, Colorado Cream, Iced Chai, Nutmeg

Barrel Aged Cocktails

Boulevardier w/ Warrior Whiskey
Manhattan w/ Breck Bourbon
Old Fashioned w/ LAWS Bourbon
Negroni w/ Mythology Needle Pig Gin
White Russian w/ Marble Vodka + Moonlight Expresso

Jam Cocktails

Locally made jam combined with spirits for a unique and naturally flavored cocktail.

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam w/ Tequila
Peach Jam w/ Gin
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam w/ Vodka
Blueberry Jam w/ Rye Whiskey
Cherry Jam w/ Rye Whiskey
Blueberry Jam w/ Gin