Here at The Barley we believe in serving our community through friendly hospitality, good beer and crafty local libations.

Our little slice of craft beer heaven is not just a place to drink good beer, but it’s also a tool to better our community. We believe in building friendships, buying local, providing a safe space, and giving back to this amazing mountain town we call home.

At The Barley, we are committed to supporting other local people and businesses by keeping our product catalog mostly to Colorado offerings. We even get our t-shirts and stickers made in-state to support local artisans. The shorter the distance from a supplier, the more likely we will carry them. We also collaborate with local breweries and distilleries regularly for events, fundraisers, and even collaboration brews. In fact, we won a GABF Bronze for our Afternoon Delight collaboration with Storm Peak Brewing!

We take pride in displaying art by locals, and we don’t take a cut of any art sale because we believe that artists should be able to shred the slopes and apres, too! We are all just trying to make it work in this town, and supporting each other is the key to making that happen.

At The Barley, we strongly believe in supporting our local community by giving back. In addition to purchasing from local businesses, we also support various organizations in town through events, sponsorships, donations, and fundraisers.

One of our proudest initiatives is the Good Night Out program, which we developed in partnership with Advocates of Routt County. This training program is designed to help hospitality workers identify warning signs of sexual assault or domestic violence, teach them bystander intervention techniques, and educate them on how to provide care for victims after an event and provide them with options. Being certified in the Good Night Out program is a commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests and staff, as well as a commitment to a zero-tolerance policy for abuse in our community.

Organizations we support

Organizations we support


We believe in having fun and connecting with locals and tourists alike, over a delicious and locally crafted brew, and hope that by doing so we make Steamboat a better place, one pint at a time.

Come on down and have a cold one with us to show some love for Steamboat! You’ll be doing your part to support this awesome place and have a great time doing it. So don’t hesitate, grab a drink and join us today!